settle down settle down, my desire. (msstink) wrote,
settle down settle down, my desire.

tonight i snuck as many glances at steve's girlfriend as i could, looking for clues as to how someone could be so separate from their own body. her legs on display below her denim mini skirt were toned and strong, her face thin, but there was no denying that the bump beneath her blouse advertised new life. she was beautiful, she did glow and she was calm, despite the fact that only earlier today had she been told she was 7th months pregnant, despite the fact that only sunday she had been told that she was pregnant at all. steve told me that her brother was on the other end of the phone, and i listened to her giggle as she told him and say "no, i just kind of look like a chubby girl."

everyone was appalled that she hadn't realized sooner, myself included. but now i think of my grandmothers corpse, i think of flesh as lies, i think of marina de van's shock when she notices her arm severed at the elbow during a business dinner in a crowded restaurant, i think of the mystic in the dark crystal who dies and how it's body disappears and how nice that would be i wonder if maybe rosemary's reality and all of our realities exist completely separate from the meat and bone, if maybe i wouldn't have known, either.

that is a picture of the corpse of elizabeth allene simpson. it feels very important to look at and share it, just as it felt very important to take.
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